Founder Story

Made by our family for your family

Hi my name is Ben Steuart

Colostrum has been a game changer for me personally and my family for decades.

I grew up on a small family farm here in Minnesota where my Dad used to collect and freeze dry bovine colostrum from our family dairy cows. We used this as a natural health supplement to ward off illness and keep our family healthy. 

Later we started a supplement manufacturing business to bring the same whole health nutrition to our friends and family. We believe you and your family deserve the best chance at a healthy life. 

That’s why we started Favor. Because we want you to have easy access to this Natural Superfood so you can build a Resilient gut, immune system, and family.

Thanks for doing your health a Favor.

Our Mission

To Glorify God by creating Lean Healthy Products that empower families to live and lead faithfully.

Values That Guide Us

Extreme Transparency

Transparency is the best way to build trust, quality and innovation. We will not be small minded by hiding details from consumers.


We believe in all we do, offer, and the way we work matters. Our products and content is geared to empower everyone to fulfill their potential so that others benefit and God is glorified.


We believe consistent improvement is the only way to honor our customers, team and God by improving our products, processes, and content.

Courageous Faith

We do not make decisions out of fear. We are faith filled risk takers, bold, and diligent. We take on challenges others run from.

Salt and Light

We influence others in an eternal way. Our content adds value and influences people to see transformation in their life. Through our products and branding, we strive to represent Christ and breathe life into our world in all we do.

“For those who find me find life and receive favor from the LORD.”

Proverbs 8:35