Transparent Harvest

and Production

How Favor is Made

Trusted Family Farms in the Midwest Committed to Healthy Cows

Calf First Commitment - Calves get all the colostrum they want, then we upcycle the rest.


Excess 1st Milking is collected, labeled, and separated


Transport to Wisconsin Facility


Tested to Verify 1st Milking and High Bioactives


Thawed Slowly and Pasteurized at the Coldest Temperature Possible to Maintain Bioactives


Spray Dried at Lowest Temperature


3rd Party Tested to Verify Quality and Safety


Packaged and Sealed in our own Certified GMP facilities


Our Manufacturing Equals Our Quality Standards

Most if not all brands use a “Private Label Process” where they find a manufacturer who offers the same product to literally dozens of different brands (same powder different label). We think you deserve something better. We wanted to do things differently. That's why we manufacture everything ourselves from start to finish in our own facilities. For instance, we can preserve superior levels of bioactivity and maximum effectiveness with our Cold Pasteurization Process.

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COA Transparency

A “Certificate of Analysis” shares what third party testing has been done on your batch of supplements to prove and show its effectiveness. Basically it tells the facts about the product without all the marketing fluff.

This is where your Colostrum comes from

Meet the Gerdes Family Farm. Their cows made this Colostrum.

We love farm life and we love colostrum!

No one cares more about cows than a dairy farmer. As a fourth generation family farm, the health and well-being our calves and cows is our top priority.

When a calf is born in our grass pasture, we make sure it gets all of the colostrum it needs to live a thriving life. Any extra colostrum is saved for the quality product you are getting in Favor colostrum.

Colostrum has so many benefits for our family like boosting immunity, gut health and so much more. It is a regular staple in our morning protein shakes because we know, just like the calves, that being healthy is essential to having a thriving life. Colostrum really is God's first super food!

Gerdes Fresh Farms, Caledonia, MN (200 cow herd)